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Sharla Jacquard

Sharla Jacquard is a Certified Human Resources Professional and consultant with extensive experience working in the field of Human Resources (HR), especially within Nunavut. Sharla spent 14 years working for the Government of Nunavut (GN) in various departments, including as Director of Recruiting and Staffing for the Department of Finance. She also worked for Nunavut Arctic College for over 10 years, serving as the lead Human Resources Professional.

Sharla was extensively involved in the development of Inuit Employment Plans and maintaining statistics regarding these plans. She has guided both management and staff through the creation and monitoring of training and development plans, as well as performance evaluation processes.

Since moving to Ottawa, Sharla has developed a bit of a green thumb and loves gardening and planting flowers. She also enjoys playing outdoors with her son and jogging when she can find the time. Sharla continues to maintain her group fitness instructor certification in hopes that one day she will get the opportunity to teach group fitness classes again.

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