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What we do

We are a consulting firm specializing in the following areas:

Human Resource (HR) management, including:
Performance Management
Development and delivery of HR Training
Staffing and Recruitment
HR policy development
Process Mapping
Organizational Reviews
Staff capacity development
Community Economic Development
Leadership, governance and board training
Community Consultations and Facilitation
Communications and Public Relations
Strategic Planning
Training and Development
Policy Development
Project Management
Customized course delivery

While these are our primary areas of expertise, the bottom line is that we support our clients in identifying their needs, then assist them in addressing those needs. We start with three basic steps:

  • Communication with a client to review and identify specific things they need
  • Determining the best approach to address these needs
  • If the work involved in this approach is something we can do, we then work closely with a client to complete whatever needs to be done.