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Eric Corneau

Eric Corneau’s roots in post-secondary education have laid a strong foundation for his current role in consulting. With a stint as the Regional Dean at Okanagan College from 2017 to 2022, Eric learned the value of listening, team collaboration, and adapting to change. His time there was a lesson in understanding diverse perspectives, which he believes is key in any successful partnership.

Earlier at Nunavut Arctic College (NAC), serving as Vice President and Nunatta Dean, Eric was reminded of the importance of local context and the need for tailored solutions, principles he carries into his consulting work today. At NAC, he provided leadership in the organization regarding the coordination and development of academic programs and projects, the recruitment, admission and retention of students, exploration of innovative educational technology, and maintaining high standards of teaching.

Now as a consultant, Eric brings these lessons to the forefront. Rather than having all the answers, he seeks to ask the right questions. His goal is to guide government, organizations and businesses in discovering their own solutions, using his experience as a backdrop.

Eric also strongly believes in working and developing community organizations and has been involved on a number of boards of non-profit organizations and foundations with focuses in the  arts, culture, education, community development and the environment.

When Eric is not working he can be found most often somewhere in the great outdoors, hiking, walking his dogs and gardening.

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