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Ryleigh McPherson

Ryleigh McPherson brings to Sivummut a rich and diverse background, following years of dedicated service with the Government of Nunavut’s Department of Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs and Department of Health. With extensive knowledge and experience in communications and health, Ryleigh played a pivotal role in COVID-19 communications and vaccine promotion over recent years. Since becoming a resident of Nunavut in 2006, and recently relocating to Guelph Ontario, Ryleigh’s community involvement has been characterized by the development of robust working relationships with all Nunavummiut.

Ryleigh’s expertise extends to Inuit Qaujimajatugangit Principles and Inuit Societal Values, completed by Indigenous Cultural Competency Training. Ryleigh has made significant contributions to Communication divisions in recruitment processes, from interviewing to onboarding new casual employees. Her involvement in creating and documenting formal project plans reflects her comprehensive understanding of project management, from defining the scope to realizing goals and deliverables. Ryleigh’s leadership in these initiatives, including facilitating training requirements, has been marked by success and innovation. Ryleigh’s unique blend of experience and insight adds immense value to her role at Sivummut, where she continues to drive excellence.

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