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Roy Green

Roy Green is a senior consultant with a strong financial background, who has helped a wide variety of clients, Government of Nunavut (GN) departments and Nunavut municipalities manage their programs and services in an efficient manner (operational service programs and infrastructure projects, in particular). Prior to retiring from public service, Roy worked for over 18 years in Nunavut’s public sector.

Roy moved to Rankin Inlet, Northwest Territories in 1998, prior to the creation of Nunavut in 1999. He spent approximately six years in Rankin Inlet as Comptroller of the GN’s Petroleum Products Division, prior to relocating to Iqaluit in 2005. During his following 12-year tenure in Iqaluit, he worked with both the GN Department of Finance and Department of Community Government and Services in a variety of management level positions, ranging from Director to Deputy Minister.

Roy took the lead role in the development and implementation the accrual-based accounting for the GN’s annual Main Estimates, the GN’s new Five-Year Capital Plan process and the long-term Municipal Infrastructure Sustainability Plans. In addition, as a member of the Nunavut Municipalities Advisory Committee, Roy developed a strong working with senior municipal leaders to gain an understanding of their operational and infrastructure priorities. As a result, he has a comprehensive understanding of how Nunavut and its communities operate.

Roy spent considerable time enjoying nature and fishing during his time living in Nunavut. Roy also volunteered for the Iqaluit Rotary Club (Rotary International).

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