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Jimmy Jacquard

Sivummut President and Senior Consultant Jimmy Jacquard is an experienced and dynamic leader, facilitator, project manager, and teacher. Jimmy has led small, medium and large teams across a wide variety of projects, ranging from brief and simple to complex and multi-faceted. A former teacher, Jimmy is an experienced educator who is passionate about education, training, teaching and the power of high-functioning teams. Jimmy has extensive experience with professional development, leadership, governance, program development and review, and strategic planning, at local, territorial, and national levels. 

While originally of from Nova Scotia, Jimmy spent 18 years living in Nunavut (including Pond Inlet and Iqaluit) before moving to Ottawa in 2015. Overall, he has spent over 23 years working with Inuit and Nunavut’s communities, government departments, businesses, and various organizations. 

Jimmy truly enjoys being outdoors, and is passionate about being on the water, especially the ocean!

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